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HOA Annual Meeting Held January 22, 2019

Rockwood Homeowners Association members braved the cold for its annual on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, at 7:00 p.m., at Calvary Chapel Fellowship at 190 South Rock Road. All Rockwood Homeowners were invited to attend.

At the meeting, HOA board members updated homeowners on 2018 activities and projects, as well as reviewed expected 2019 projects and budget. The slate of 2019 officers was presented for final vote of approval.  A representative from the Wichita Police Department provided information about issues in the neighborhood over the past year, as well as the start of 2019. The "See Something, Say Something" campaign encourages reporting of any suspicious activity.  As many of the reporting is for vehicle thefts, "Park Smart" is the best way to go - if you like it, don't leave it in your call for someone else to take. Joe Hutchinson, one of Rockwood's new co-managers, introduced himself.  Pool packets will be in the mail soon.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the board, this is a great time to join.  Please contact a current board member for more information.  Board membership doesn't need to take a lot of time; AND it gives you an opportunity to make positive things happen for your neighborhood.

Recreational Facility Prepares for 2019

We're thrilled to announce that Joe Hutchinson and Evan Black will co-manage Rockwood Pool for the 2019 season!

Joe is a physics teacher and swim coach at Wichita East High School, where he has led teams to three state championships. We're excited to have him at the helm of the Rockwood swim team next summer. Evan is a familiar face at Rockwood, having swam here since elementary school and then serving as a lifeguard and assistant manager. She said she loves Rockwood and can't wait to get to work next summer.

Pool application forms for both In-Rockwood and Out-of-Rockwood homeowners are now available online and will also be mailed soon.  2019 fees remain unchanged for 2019!   Start planning now for a great summer now at the Rockwood pool!

RRF Dumpster Use - Please Be Considerate of Neighbors

The dumpster in the Recreational Facility parking lot is available for your use if space is available in the dumpster.  PLEASE, if you take items to the dumpster, and it is full, DO NOT place items on top of or on the ground around the dumpster.  The dumpster is emptied three times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday; please just wait until it has been emptied.  Please, ask your contractors  to dispose of refuse properly, NOT in the RRF dumpster.  Your neighbors, not trash service personnel, are the ones cleaning up the area.

Got a big clean up project going on soon?   A large commercial sized dumpster will be the RRF parking lot in October and April.  Watch for more information closer to the dates. 

Need to Report an Issue With the City?

Do You Know?  There is a free app WichitaReport that you can use to report a whole range of problems from potholes to street lights to tree trimming. The City of Wichita Deforestation Department trims deadwood in trees along the street (which are owned by the City) - You can also call 316.268.4361 to get on the list.

More Info

Check out the Rockwood Newsletter for some great tips to help increase your safety & security.

SAFETY FIRST - See Something?  Say Something!   Please pay attention to  what is going on in your neighborhood.  If you see anything that looks suspicious or out of the norm, please call 911.  This is important at all times, but especially during this time of the year. 

Please slow it down & watch for kids out on their bikes and people out walking, especially around the RRF!!  Walkers - Please wear light colored , even reflective, clothing to be more visible to traffic.  

HOA Management Services

HOA Management Services is contracted to oversee daily operations of the neighborhood including maintenance, accounting and covenant enforcement. Please direct questions regarding landscaping or structural improvements, covenants, assessments or pool membership to our community manager.

Kyrstin Gable, Community Manager 

1900 East Douglas, Suite 100, Wichita, KS  67214

Office: 316.351.7650, ext. 212; fax: 316.425.3117

Rockwood Covenants

We are a covenant community. All homeowners are responsible for reading and following the covenants. By accepting title to your home, you have accepted responsibility to abide by the covenants. Here is a copy of the Covenants. Homeowners will be given written notice if a covenant violation occurs and given a timeframe to resolve the issue. 

Making Home Improvements

As you make landscaping and structural improvements to your home; the fastest way to increase the value of your property, please contact HOA Management Services to review your plans to determine if approval from the Rockwood Board of Directors is necessary. Fences (new or replacement), decks, additions, sheds and paint color are among the most common improvements that may require approval. The covenants contain more specific information.  The Approval Form is available here or a fillable form can be requested from HOA Management.

See Something? Say Something!

Please report any suspicious activity to 911.

For non-emergency reports or questions, please contact the Wichita Police Department Community Policing Desk at 316.350.3420. Officer Thornton is the officer assigned to the Rockwood area. He attends the monthly board meetings.

2018 Board of Directors

Larry Duntz – President 

Bert Denny – Treasurer 

 Open – Secretary 

Randy Tobias – Vice President

Suzanne Tobias – Neighborhood Events/Communications 

Shelley Packard – At Large 

Darryl Awe – At Large 

Lee Wadsworth – At Large 

Tony Denker – At Large

If you would like to get involved, please contact a Rockwood Board member.

Helpful Numbers

Trash Service - Waste Connections provides a greatly discounted rate for Rockwood homeowners, much lower than the standard residential rates, making it the preferred trash hauler for our neighborhood. Waste Connections provides the option of using a 95 or 65 gallon cart, as well as recycling as an optional service also offered at a discount. Call 316.838.4920 to set up residential service and be sure to mention you are a homeowner in the Rockwood community.   

Tree Trimming - City of Wichita Deforestation Department (for trees along the street which are owned by the City) - 316.268.4361 or use the WichitaReport app.

Wichita Animal Control - 316.350.3360

Recycling - Household Hazardous Waste Department - Sedgwick  County - 801 Stilwell, Wichita, 316.660.7464

Williams Ace Hardware (batteries) - 6230 E. Central, 316.684.5145

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Just moved to Rockwood?

Please check out our Welcome Letter to get a quick overview on your new neighborhood!