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Welcome to Rockwood!

Whether you are a long-time homeowner, or just moving into the area, here you can get acquainted with the community, check out what's going on in the neighborhood and the perks of our recreational facility/pool. With over 300 homeowner members, we are a covenant community, with a board or directors, managed with the assistance of a local management company.   We look forward to visiting with you at a Rockwood event or at the pool!

Upcoming Events


Rockwood Clean Up Day!

October 12th -  To help you with that fall clean up, the large dumpster will be in the RRF parking lot on the morning of Saturday, October 12th.  The dumpster will fill up fast and be gone by 1:00, so clean it up, load it up and get it to the dumpster!  Volunteers to help monitor the dumpster (and help your neighbors unload their stuff would be greatly appreciated.  Not all items can be accepted: Batteries, tires, etc.  For information on where those items can be properly disposed of is provided below.


The Board meets the 3rd Monday of every month at the RRF patio room, 7:00 p.m.  All homeowners are invited to attend.  Officer Thornton is the officer assigned to the Rockwood area. He normally attends the monthly board meetings.


To receive the most up-to-date information on Rockwood events and community policing/safety concerns provide your email address (link below).  Email addresses are NOT shared with outside parties.

Rockwood Directory - Is Your Info Correct?

The new Rockwood directory is in final stages!  If you have not returned the completed  the information request, please email/fax or phone your information this week.  The directory, which is free to Rockwood homeowners,  helps keep us current on our Rockwood neighbors and Rockwood amenities and policies .  

The Rockwood Board wants to communicate to homeowners that this information is gathered strictly for the purpose of the directory; the directory is distributed ONLY to Rockwood homeowners (in paper form only-not electronic); and NO information is provided to any third-party, including advertisers. 

 If you have any questions regarding this process and/or the information gathered, please contact HOA Management or a member of the Rockwood board.


The pool may be closed for the summer, but the park is open!  Please have a great time, be safe, but help us keep the park in great shape by picking up trash, cleaning up after your pets (waste bags provided at the gate) and immediately notify a board member to report any damage or needed repairs.

Safety First


See Something?  Say Something!   Please pay attention to what is going on in your neighborhood. If it doesn't look right, it probably isn't.  If you see anything that looks suspicious or out of the norm, please call 911.  Officers would much rather check out a report and find everything's okay than later dealing with a possibly avoidable risk to a neighbor or their property. This is important at all times, but especially during this time of the year. 

Please slow it down & watch for kids - School is back in session, especially as it gets dark earlier, kids are out on their bikes and people out walking, especially around the RRF!!  Walkers - Please wear light colored , even reflective, clothing to be more visible to traffic.  

Vehicle theft is one of the most popular crimes in the City, even in Rockwood! Please do not leave ANY items in your vehicle and lock all the doors.  Do not give anyone any enticement to break into your car.

For non-emergency reports or questions, please contact the Wichita Police Department Community Policing Desk at 316.350.3420. 



Check out the Rockwood Newsletter for some great tips to help increase your safety & security.

IMPORTANT:  The dumpster in the Recreational Facility parking lot is available for your use if space is available in the dumpster.  PLEASE, if you take items to the dumpster, and it is full, DO NOT place items on top of or on the ground around the dumpster.  The dumpster is emptied three times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday; please just wait until it has been emptied.  Please, ask your contractors  to dispose of refuse properly, NOT in the RRF dumpster.  Your neighbors, not trash service personnel, are the ones cleaning up the area. 

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Please email the Association in order to receive email alerts, notice of neighborhood activities and newsletters.  Your email is never shared.  

Just moved to Rockwood?

Please check out our Welcome Letter to get a quick overview on your new neighborhood! 

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Helpful Numbers

Trash Service - Waste Connections provides a greatly discounted rate for Rockwood homeowners, much lower than the standard residential rates, making it the preferred trash hauler for our neighborhood. Waste Connections provides the option of using a 95 or 65 gallon cart, as well as recycling as an optional service also offered at a discount. Call 316.838.4920 to set up residential service and be sure to mention you are a homeowner in the Rockwood community.   

Tree Trimming - City of Wichita Deforestation Department (for trees along the street which are owned by the City) - 316.268.4361 or use the WichitaReport app.

Wichita Animal Control - 316.350.3360

Recycling - Household Hazardous Waste Department - Sedgwick  County - 801 Stilwell, Wichita, 316.660.7464

Williams Ace Hardware (batteries) - 6230 E. Central, 316.684.5145